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We offer affordable dive and snorkel packages with on-board compressor and complete dive gear in Roatan Honduras. Join us for scuba diving, beach and reef snorkeling, sightseeing and private parties.

Sport Fishing Charters

We offer sport fishing packages aboard the "Miss Gail" Captained by a Roatan local and known by many as one of the BEST fishing charters available around the beautiful Roatan Islands.

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We can put together a custom trip including booking your rooms, dive / snorkel trips, sport fishing charter and other Roatan favorites.


Enjoy diving Roatan Honduras and other destination dives with local Captain Greg and father and son team Keith and Derek. Experience the very best in Scuba Diving aboard the air conditioned Reef Runner or Charter the Miss Gail and do some sport fishing while in Roatan.



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M/V Miss Gail

Sport Fishing the waters around Roatan Honduras is the perfect way to spend a day on your next island vacation. The Miss Gail is a 32 foot Sportfish fully setup for charter fishing, Island Touring, Wine Tasting, Casual Cruising, Sightseeing or we can create a custom trip to make your visit to Roatan Honduras one you will always remember.

M/V Reef Runner

Join us on the 50 foot Air Conditioned Reef Runner for unmatched comfort in scuba diving, snorkeling, sightseeing and private parties. This vessel is equipped with Onboard Air compressor, DAN Oxygen kit and everything your group will need to enjoy the beautiful waters of Roatan. If you are looking for the BEST diving experience while visiting Honduras, be sure to call Keith (U.S.A) or Greg (Honduras) to book your Dive Adventure.


These are some of the more popular dive sites on the south side of Roatan Honduras

Marys Place

Very popular dive site in Roatan. Most famous for it's deep crevices and cracks in the reef wall which extends down to a depth of 90 feet. There is an abundant marine life along with gorgonian fans which act as shelter and protection for the marine life from predators.

Forty Foot Point

Schools of fish especially Gray Snapper are common on this reef where the vertical wall starts at 40 feet and extends down to a depth of 130 feet. Lobster,Crab and Grouper make their home here as well.

Co Co View Wall

This dive site is very close to the beach here the reef starts at around 18 feet deep and drops straight down to 105 feet. There is a great diversity of marine life constantly gathering here among the sea fans and soft corals.

Parrott Tree

Depths here range from 5 to 130 feet making it great for both snorkelers and divers. There are two island shelves to explore. Shrimp, Sea Horses and Lettuce coral can be seen between the sand chutes.

Hole In The Wall

A must dive when in Roatan. Named for it's sand chute tunnel that runs through a reef wall starting at around 40 feet below the surface and when coming out the other side you will be at 100 feet. 

Prince Albert Wreck

A 140 foot long steel freighter sank in 1987 to serve as an artificial reef with an intact superstructure. The wreck sits upright in water 60 feet deep with other parts reachable at 35 feet. The deck hatches are completely open which makes exploration fairly easy to check out other areas of the ship with coral encrusted parts which host multitudes of colorful tropical fish, moray eel, eagle rays and much more. There is also a fuselage of DC-3 airplane lying only a few meters away making for a great second stop to visit.


These are some of the more popular dive sites on the north side of Roatan Honduras

Blue Channel

Excellent choice for snorkeling and divers alike. This reef/channel ranges from 10 feet below surface to down to 45 feet deep and is located right off the shore in Roatan's famous West End. You can follow a swim thru toward the reef to see abundant amounts of trigger fish, grouper, barracuda and snapper. At the channel entrance be on the look out for the moray eels and pipe fish that call this area home year round.

Spooky Channel

This a very different dive location located in Sandy Bay that links the beach/ lagoon area to Roatan's outer reefs. This was once an ancient waterfall in the last ice age but now is an underwater canyon.The channel starts in the lagoon area where it then winds through with some areas opening up as wide as fifty feet across until you reach the maximum depth of 95 feet. It gets it's name "Spooky" due to the fact the walls converge as they get closer to the surface narrowing the gap between the walls which lowers the level of light in the deeper parts of the channel causing a spooky feeling.

Mandys Eel Garden

This site is located just off the crystal clear waters of West Bay Beach. The top of the reef is approximately 20 feet below the surface and decends to the bottom of the wall at 65 feet. Because of the water clarity and shallow nature of the reef the colors of the marine life and coral remain vibrant. This site is known for its groups of garden eels located at the sandy patch near the base of the wall. The relatively shallow depth of this dive makes it great for beginners as well as experienced divers. 

West End Wall

This is a beautiful wall dive of a huge underwater wall great for snorkeling and diving. The top of the reef is covered with stony coral and sea fans.The base of the wall is approximately 90 feet deep which levels out into a sandy bottom. Spotted Eagle Rays and Southern Stingrays are spotted here on a regular basis. 

Turtle Crossing

Located between West End and West Bay Beach coral channels leading to a wall dropping off to 120 feet deep. There are two plateaus of sand at 20 feet and 45 feet with coral structure where vivid colors from the many fish abound here.Turtles, eels and lobsters live in the coral here as well. This dive is great for beginners in the shallow part and offers more experinenced divers a lot to see at the 100 to 120 feet depths. 

Fish Den

This is the hot spot for spotting and photographing lots of fish. Depths range from 10 feet to 130 feet. At around 35 feet the shelf drops to 130 feet with large amounts of sponges and soft corals. As stated before this site is teeming with a wide variety of species including blue tangs,parrottfish,triggerfish,angelfish, indigo hamlets, etc. This makes a great first dive and snorkel visit.

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